GSTea – Resin, glass, chocolate coins gold wraps.

TEA TIME – Acrylic, resin.

AMNESTEA – Barbed wire, candle.

REEL TEA – Cotton reels, plastic.

HIGH TEA – Aluminium, balsa wood.

FRIVOLITEA – Party whistles.

MOURNING TEA – Vintage mourning veil, sequins, beads, fabric rose.

TEA BREAK – Soapstone.

FERTILITEA – Artificial flower stamens.

MINTEA – Recycled Minty wrappers, wire mesh.

SPIKED TEA – Jacaranda needles, linen thread.

STONE COLD TEA – Flat pebbles.

TEA COSY – Knitted wool.

STORM IN A TEACUP – Mesh, fabric, perspex, mirror.

PROTEA – Protea seed pods.

TEA TREE – Tea tree twigs and bugs.

FANTEASY – Timber fan segments.

TEAPEA – Plastic pea pods, buttons.

TEA GARDEN – Terracotta, plastic, aquarium sand.

HAND PICKED FINEST TIPS – Synthetic hand bones, fabric leaf.

ICED TEA – Tea leaves, resin.

STRAINED TEA – Steel mesh, tea infuser.

A CUP OF TEA, A BEX & A GOOD LIE DOWN – Mattress ticking, glass, resin, paper.

ELECTRICITEA – Cables, wires, connectors.

SHOWER TEA – Ceramics, fishing line, resin, plastic, metal.

RUSSIAN CARAVAN TEA – Russian nesting dolls, velvet, gold leaf.

TWINING TEA – Twine, steel wire.

RED ZINGER – Coloured tulle, floral trim.

LEMON SOOTHER – Synthetic fur fabric.

ORANGE PEKOE – Cotton spool, acrylic, eye balls.

PARTEA – CD discs, mesh, wire, sequins.

PLASTICITEA – Polypropylene sheet.

O-CHA JAPANESE TEA – Chopsticks, bamboo mat, tile, pebbles.

OOLONG CHINESE TEA – Chopsticks, palm leaf, Feng Shui mirror.

BEEF TEA – Leather, fake fur.

TEA FOR TU-TU – Wire mesh, ribbon, fabric roses.

TEA’S OFF – Golf tees, plastic grass – Curtain hooks, tea bags.

HANG IT! HAVE ANOTHER CUPPA – Curtain hooks, tea bags.